Egypt: 16 MB Students Face Disciplinary Actions

Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cairo University, Dr. Hany Gohar, referred 16 students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to the disciplinary board which leveled five charges against them, mainly that they welcomed their colleagues and professors at the beginning of the academic year, they handed out greeting cards, hung posters in a campaign under the slogan of “ Project for Revival of Prophet’s Sunna( traditions) which the students earlier started, they handed out bills and hanging posters which read” Resist….”, apparently hinting at the Palestinian resistacne against the Israeli occupation , and fifthly they distributed donated charity of Ramadan among the faculty workers.

 One of the disciplined students said that the  university security administration meant by this mainly to bar them from getting an endorsed approval from the faculty for registering a student linkup and also to deny them standing for student union election.

 It seems that Dean of Faulty Dr. Hany Gohar has his own policy in treating the faculty students. It is  also he who had earlier last year referred 18 male and female students to the disciplinary board and some of them were denied sitting at the yearend exams.

 The students then sued the faculty and won a court ruling which ordered the overturning of  the disciplinary board’s decisions and shelving the case.