Egypt: 25 Jihad suspects detained

Egypt: 25 Jihad suspects detained

25 Egyptians belonging to a Jihad group were detained on suspicion of planning a bombing attack against Jewish pilgrims in the Beheira governorate.


According to sources, they confessed to having plotted to bomb the tomb of a 19th century Jewish rabbi which attracts hundreds of Israeli pilgrims every January. The attack was to have coincided with the 2010 pilgrimage.


 Sources reported that the suspects, who were arrested over the past few weeks in the Nile Delta governorate of Daqahleya, were found in possession of explosives and rudimentary rocket warheads.


After cancelling the event last year, Egypt has given permission to the pilgrims to visit the shrine of Rabbi Yaakov Abu Haseira near Alexandria this year under tight security.


Suspects will be handed over to state security prosecution for further questioning.