• November 15, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: 70 MB Workers Win In First Phase Amid Security Pressures

Egypt: 70 MB Workers Win In First Phase Amid Security Pressures

The first round of the Trade Union election has come  to a close and MB candidates garnered 70 seats nationwide, including two female workers one in Sharqeya and the other in Daqahleya, both are in north of Egypt, declared MB Member of Parliament and Coordinator of the MB Trade Union elections, Saber Abul Fotouh.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Abul Fotouh said that the Muslim Brotherhood has fielded 200 hundred candidates in the second phase, starting Nov. 13, 2006, after hundreds of MB candidates were struck off the election lists nationwide. The MB parliamentarian added that a committee has been formed in coordination with all political powers and sincere patriots in society to defend workers’ rights. Fotouh called  all those concerned with human rights and freedoms to join this committee which ” has been formed to confront the big challenges facing the workers community”, citing vote riggings and excesses  of the security services as well as the deteriorating economic situations within most Egyptian society brackets.

In the same context, MB workers report security excesses and harassments, in the Trade Union elections, against the group’s candidates in the run up of the elections’ second phase to choose  members of boards of directors affiliated to 12 general syndicates. Due to the security oppression against MB candidates- 38 of them were denied the Syndicate Card which means that they cannot run for the election, as well as striking off a large number of candidates and syndicate figures hours before kicking off the election process.

This took place in companies of Hassan Allam for Contracting , Segor for Construction and Timber, the Egyptian Co. for Pharmaceuticals, Tora for Cement, and West Delta Railway, where six names were struck off the election list and statements with names of workers in them have been altered, setting the stage for vote rigging and election irregularities.