Egypt: 80 Thousand Corruption Cases in 5 Yrs

The Administrative Control Authority lodged a report to the Egyptian presidency in which it confirmed that rates of corruption have dramatically increased in Egypt during last year; it stated that corruption spread in all sectors of the country. This report put the size of stolen money up to 500 million pounds; the same facts were reiterated by the Transparency International Organization that confirmed that the housing and reconstruction sector is biggest sector that spawns corruption cases.

The report of the Administrative Control Authority revealed that the last five years witnessed more than 80 thousand cases of corruption in Egypt, warning of the bad consequences for the increasing rate of corruption, after it has been recently revealed that Egypt is ranked 70 among 163 countries on the scale of corruption. Compare this with Singapore, which 10 years ago was counted among the world’s most corrupt countries, has managed to turn things around to become one of the least corrupt nations on earth.

The report noted also that the government of Dr. Atef Obeid witnessed flagrant violations: 2003 witnessed thousands corruption cases and the size of ill-gotten gain reached 100 billion pounds, according to figures of the Central Auditing Organization at that time. Also, bribes reached 500 million pounds and the amount of the money laundry reached more than five billion pounds.

The report attributed the increasing rates of corruption and wasting public property to:

-Weak government system

-Current loopholes and flaws in several laws and legislations

-The deteriorating supervisory role of the People’s Assembly

-Escaping punishment

-Administrative disorder

-The deteriorating administrative performance of leaders

-The suspicious relations

-Using top officials’ influence for getting illegal profiteering.

The report recommended that the political leadership should take serious steps in fighting corruption and drying its sources because this may lead to improving the image of the regime image in front of the public opinion and give it political gains.