• August 22, 2018
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt: A Letter from Those Unjustly Sentenced to Death in Rabaa Case

Egypt: A Letter from Those Unjustly Sentenced to Death in Rabaa Case

As we were about to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the horrific Rabaa massacre, we were unjustly handed death sentences in the judiciary ‘farce’ called the ‘case of breaking the Rabaa Sit-in’ in which our own blood and that of our beloved ones was shed.

The real murderer behind those killings dares to putt us, the victims, in the position of the offender and casts us charges and sentences, thinking that this will make the world forgets the crimes committed by his own hands, and that the curtain will fall and conceal the carnage which Egypt had never witnessed in recent history.

The Rabaa massacre was a full crime committed by the coup, its leaders, and all its supporters inside and outside Egypt. The massacre was witnessed by the entire world on television screens and through various media outlets. We consider these death sentences or imprisonment sentences nothing but a continuation of that massacre with premeditation and determination so as to physically liquidate all participants of Rabaa sit-in who are defending the interests and freedom of this country.

We stress and confirm that we had never recognized this judiciary, and those farcical trials that lack all the meanings of truth and justice. They are even devoid of the application of any law except the law of the jungle, and the law of force and oppression. These rulings issued by sorcerers falsely disguised as judges while they are servants of a gang that looted the country and, by the force of arms, overthrown its elected legitimate government.

We assure the whole world, the people of Egypt and its revolutionaries, in particular, that such rulings will not weaken our resolve, and will find us steadfast and preserving the vows of freedom and national dignity for our country. We are here, and after five years, confirm that what happened in Egypt in 2013 is an illegal coup, and our legitimate president is Dr. Mohamed Morsi, who was chosen by the Egyptian people in the first free and fair elections in this country. Our lives will never be more precious that the lives of all martyrs who preceded us on the road of sacrifice since the eruption of January 2011 revolution. We are all on the same path of martyrdom; we work and seek the good for our country.

Finally, we call upon the revolutionaries and our noble people to continue with their movement and revolution. Victory is closer than many think, and do not let despair and sorrow weaken you. Do not be discouraged or frustrated. Just work and persist; and you will soon rejoice with better than you hope.

Defendants in the Rabaa case