Egypt: ANHRI condemns raiding Tahrir sit-in by force, the Military Council has to release all detainees

Egypt: ANHRI condemns raiding Tahrir sit-in by force, the Military Council has to release all detainees

ANHRI condemned raiding Tahrir sit-in by force on Monday Augest1, 2011. Military Police Forces and Central Security raided Tahrir Square by force and violence, which led to many of the casualties and large numbers of detainees, as well as disappeared people until now.


This is an initial list adopted by ANHRI according to estimates by “ Front to Defend Egypt Protestors”.

First: Detainees:

1. Ibrahim Nagib Orabi

2. Abu Reda Ahmed Mohamed Al Samak

3. Abu Zaid Abdul-Nabi Abu Zeid

4. Abu Mazen El Sayed

5. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Mustafa

6. Ahmed Abou El Ela, 12 years

7. Ahmed Ismail Hassan – El Sharqeya

8. Ahmed Gamal Mohamed Rabie – theater director

9. Ahmed Hamdi – photographer IN “Al Tahrir” newspaper

10. Ahmed Ashour

11. Ahmed Abdel Samiea

12. Ahmed Fadel

13. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Al Gendi

14. Ahmed Mohammed Yusef, 31, Al Mahrousa Tour Company in Tahrir

15. Ahmed Mustafa Abdel-Qader – journalist

16. Islam Mohamed Ibrahim

17. Asmaa Abdel-Fattah Eid

18. Ashraf Abdel-Qader Tawfik, 27 years old, Industrial High School, Fayoum

19. Omnia Mohammad Yousuf

20. Amir Mohammed Fathi Abdel Samie – Tanta

21. Ehab Elsweese

22. Bilal Hassan Hussein

23. Hossam or Wessam Lutfy

24. Hossam Abdel-Latif Abdel-Fattah Qenawy

25. Hassan Sameh Hassan

26. Hassan Sami Hassan Ibrahim

27. Al Hassan Ali Muhannad Zeyada

28. Hassan Mohammed Mahmoud, 21 years old

29. Hayat Gerges Shehata

30. Hassan Khaled Gomaa

31. Al Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim

32. Sayed Mohammed Ibrahim abdel-Moati

33. Mr. Madbouly, 38 years old, Suez

34. Shareef Zeinhom Abdul-Rahim

35. Shahab “Surname is unknown”

36. Sheikh Ehab – Suez

37. Shaimaa Mahmoud Khalil, BBC journalist

38. Taher Mohammed Abdullah – 24 years old

39. Abdel-Hamid Said Abdel-Hamid

40. Abdul Rahman Al-Ezz, 24 years old, a Presenter in “January 25” channel and member in Youth of 6 April Movment

41. Abdullah Ahmed Mohamed, Ismailia

42. Abdel- Moati El Sayed

43. Abdullah El Sayed Hassan Bayoumi

44. Abdallah Abdel Moez Abdel-Hakim

45. Ali Hassan

46. Omar Abbas Abu Zaid, 16 years old, Alex.

47. Omar Abdullah Hafez Mahmoud

48. Omar Abdel Moez Abdel Hakim, 25, Fruits Merchant, Sohag

49. Amr Ahmed Riad – journalist

50. Amr Adel Ahmed

51. Amr Aasher

52. Amr Abbas Abu Zaid

53. Amr Abdullah Hafez Mahfouz

54. Amr Abdullah Abdullah Mahmoud

55. Amr Ezz, member in Youth of 6 April Movment

56. Amr Ghoneim

57. Awad Awad, El Sharqeya, carpenter – 22 years old

58. Karim

59. Karim Youssef – Assiut

60. Magdy Sobhy Amer

61. Mohamed Ibrahim Said – El Mononfeya

62. Mohamed Ahmed Omar, 19 yeasr old, Aswan

63. Mohamed Al sadaty

64. Mohamed Hamed Ali Hamed

65. Mohamed Sayed Abdel Rahim – Minya

66. Mohamed Salah Zidane – resident in Alexandria

67. Mohamed Salah El-Din Mahmoud Mohamed Khedr, 25 ears old, Alexandria

68. Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Salah Abdul Hamid Said, accountant, Beni Suef.

69. Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed

70. Mohamed Moussa Abdel-Fattah Moussa

71. Mahmoud Mohamed Al Dabis, photographer in the original “Al Dostor” newspaper

72. Medhat Mohamed – Suez

73. Mustafa Abdullah Al Saghir, 25 years old, Al Wadi Al Gadid University, injured his head and hand , Qena

74. Mustafa Massony

75. Mustafa Mohamed Ali Abdullah

76. Mina Fathy

77. Nasr Muhamad Ali

78. Nasr Mohamed Eid

79. Hesham Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Al Sawalhi – Graphic Designer

80. Walid Safwat

81. Waleed Marzouk

82. Walid Mounir Issa – Tanta

Second: The Disappeared

1- Yahya, 9 years old

2- Ahmed Gamal Mohamed Rabiea

3- Hussain Mohamed El Sayed, 15 years old

Third: The injured

1- Karim Jouhene

2- Ahmed Mikki

“The return of violence and repression after a revolution against a dictatorial regime is extremely regrettable, and the statements of some members of the Military Council often betray the revolutionaries and describe them as” Thugs,Vandals and Agitators, are aiming to drive a wedge between the people and army ” is unacceptable from members of a Council, which declared in his first statement that he is the protector of the revolution.” ANHRI said


“The Military Council has to stop the accusations of treason against the revolutionaries or the various national movements. Also to release all detainees of yesterday immediately, and even for all the revolutionaries who were tried before Military Tribunals, as he has to open the investigation into all violations that have taken place by the Military Police or military personnel, such as testings of virginity, torture and the rest of incidents, and investigate with all officials clearly for such acts, therefore Egyptians insure on the course of their revolution and regain their confidence in the Council, which is close to be withdrawal.” ANHRI added