• Lebanon
  • August 5, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: Campaign for Collecting Ten Million Signatures for Expelling Israeli Ambassador

“Engineers against Receivership” is an engineers gathering formed years ago following the state’s decision imposing receivership on a number of syndicates including the Engineers Syndicate. This gathering has released a statement in which it announced the launching of a campaign to collect ten million signatures from all the Egyptians to pressure the government to expel the Israeli ambassador to Egypt Shalom Cohen after the recent Israeli aggression on Lebanon and Gaza. The statement, a copy of which was posted to Almesreyoun, said that the Arab people will not surrender to the” Zionist enemy “, and will back the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine until the expulsion of the occupation comes to an end . The statement hailed as steadfast the strugglers not only in Palestine and Lebanon but also in all Arab capitals with their streets and prisons (hinting at prisoners of conscience in Arab regimes’ prisons). “We will not forget our fallen martyrs on the sands of Sinai and all the Arab land”, the statement said, vowing that the Arab Nation will avenge itself on every regime collaborating with the Israeli and American enemies. It also called for the stop of the Israeli- American attacks on Lebanon and stop of all forms of normalization including the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Egypt. At the economic level, the statement called on Egypt to stop exporting gas to Israel and suspending the QUIZ trade agreement to rid the Egyptian industry of any foreign subordination, especially the American Israeli hegemony on the Arab Nation.