Egypt: Campaign supporting intelligence’s chief for president

Egypt: Campaign supporting intelligence’s chief for president

Amid a fevered atmosphere of controversy and anticipation concerning Egypt’s approaching presidential elections, a new campaign was launched to nominate Egypt’s head of intelligence General Omar Suleiman to run for the country’s highest office

Described as one of the world’s most powerful spies by the British Daily telegraph, Omar Suleiman, born in1936, has been in office since 1993 as minister and director of the Egyptian General intelligence and has garnered the support of a group which has chosen to remain anonymous.

Apparently the list fielding presidential candidates is growing as numerous names have emerged as potential candidates. The most circulated include former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Ayman Nour and of course the President’s son Gamal Mubarak.

The campaign to nominate Suleiman launched by a number of activists who placed posters supporting him and describing him as “The real alternative” after Mubarak.

The group which described themselves as the “Popular campaign in support of Omar Suleiman as president of Egypt” issued a statement appealing to the regime, opposition groups and the army to support their call.

According to his supporters, due to his powerful role and existence in the regional political scene, speculations rose concluding that Suleiman will be the most suitable to succeed the current Egyptian president.

The statement by Suleiman’s supporters highlighted that Egypt is currently passing through a milestone in its history, and it is imperative the nation chooses correctly. The supporters added that Suleiman coming into power at this particular phase in Egypt’s history will result in the restoration of liberties long lost and the chance for political opposition to practice politics in a free and democratic environment.

“Vote for Suleiman” the statement called, assuring the people that Suleiman enjoyed a good reputation throughout his career in the military and foreign affairs

The statement, which called on the public to ditch their support for other political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood, warned of a disaster threatening the future of Egypt with the regulated restrictions in the present constitution describing it as an effort by the regime to hinder democracy but one which must be overcome if Egypt is to be salvaged from the imminent risks accompanying the potential bequeathing of power.

Update: According to sources, Egypt’s regime has banned the news of Suleiman’s candidacy from being published and has withdrawn thousands of copies from the stands of Almasry Alyoum after the news was printed in papers and published on its site once again preventing freedom  of speech Much to the regime’s distaste , activists on Thursday hung posters across Cairo supporting Egypt’s intelligence chief as a candidate in next year’s presidential elections, the latest campaign to try to undermine a possible father-son successionThe Egyptian public has closely monitored the action  on twitters and more will be posted to update the issue