Egypt: Citizen Handicapped in Upper Limbs Due to Prison Torture

Public prosecution is seeing a complaint submitted a human rights watchdog after Egyptian police officers tortured a citizen and nade him handicapped in his upper limbs.
The public prosecution in Sadat City, northwest of Cairo, started investigation into a complaint submitted by the Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) around torturing a prisoner called Mohamed Mabrouk Eleiwa in Wadi Al-Natrun prison through hanging him with a rope on the cell door for two hours to make him admit that he possesses narcotics.
Due to this act of torture, he had deep wounds, he was handicapped in the
fingers of his hands and he lost parts of his shoulder.
The society said that torturing the prisoner, who is currently released after serving 3 years over a criminal issue, was ordered by the prison police chief; the society demanded bringing the perpetrators of this hideous act before justice.
Egypt is currently witnessing many cases of tortures, the revealed of them are just a tip of an iceberg, inside prisons and police stations. Also, the report of the national council for human rights (a government vetted human rights watchdog) revealed many deaths inside prisons because of the torture