Egypt: Conference Calls For Effective Plan To Free Aqsa

The Sharia Committee affiliated to the  Egyptian Lawyers’ Union on Saturday August 19,2006, organized a rally under the slogan ( Day for Aqsa ). The rally was attended by MB Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Former Prime Minister Dr. Aziz Sedqi, who is also the general coordinator of the National Front for Change, Islamic History Professor Dr. Gamal Abdul Hadi, Secretary General MB Parliamentary Block Dr.Mohamed el Beleaguer, and lawyer Hazem Abu Ismael. The rally was inaugurated with a word by Secretary General of Lawyers’ Union Saif el Islam Hassan el Banna, in which he affirmed that the Palestinian cause is the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief concern and that the popular resistacne will continue to be the only way to liberate Palestine. In his word, MB Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef briefly reviewed the history of the Palestinian cause throughout fifty years and its position in the Muslim Brotherhood Call, condemning Arab rulers for their failure to support it. Akef hailed the heroic stance of the Arab and Islamic people in general and the Palestinian people in particular since the occupation of Arab land. The MB Chairman called on the Arab and Muslim people to expel the Americans- turned Zionists from the Arab land, lamenting the absence of any role by the Arab rulers or the international organizations throughout fifty years, seeing the latter as ones categorically biased with Israel. “We wish the Arab rulers announced even a lip service support to the Palestinians”, he said. He condemned the call for reconstructing Lebanon, pointing out that it is the perpetrators of this destruction that must reconstruct what they devastated. The MB Chairman called for drawing up a practical plan to expel what he dubbed as the Zionist gangs from the land of Palestine, expounding that “ those who co exist with us are welcome, but those who live in our land as occupiers will see  nothing but resistance “. He laid emphasis that Muslim Brotherhood will not forsake the Palestinian people until their land is liberated.
Former Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Aziz Sedki hailed Hizbullah Chairman Hassan Nasrullah, saying that he inflicted a crushing defeat on Israel. He attached great importance to strong faith as the only way to victory. He also called on the Arab rulers to draw up a well studied plan for liberating the usurped Arab land including Palestine; he lashed out at Camp David and called on Arab rulers to renounce it.  Dr. Sedqi lamented the corruption which has plagued Egypt including embezzlement of public funds and smuggling them abroad, calling for formatting of the state agencies and purging Egypt of the corrupts.
The rally organizers displayed a videophone message dispatched by Chairman of Hamas Politburo Khaled Meshal in which he affirmed that resistance is a legitimate right enshrined in all international constitutions and laws’, adding that resistacne has become a strategic option to fill the gap of the Arab armies and readjust the balance of power in the region. Meshal heralded that crushing the “Zionist entity “ used to be something unbelievable but now it has become a reality in the light of the brave resistance which proved that defeating Israel is possible even if it possesses mass destruction weapons. Meshal slammed the reality of the Arab and Muslim nation at the official level, while hailing the popular reaction to the Arab causes in general and the Palestinian cause in particular. He called on the Arab and Muslim to encounter the American and “Zionist” globalization by globalizing resistance.
While the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman gave a brief revision of the Palestinian cause, Islamic History Professor Dr.Gamal Abdul Hadi( MB leader) reviewed it in detail since it was occupied in 1918 and the role of the British government and the then League of Nations and the Security Council in creating the “ Zionist entity “ in the heart of Palestine. He warned that the current campaign will not stop at Palestine or Lebanon or Iraq but rather it is “a Crusade Jewish led by the Zionist entity on Palestine land and backed by the US and all European states, using Arab rulers as a means to achieve their ultimate goals”. He added that the international organizations aim to divide the Muslim world into factious cantons, with Israel as being the only actual and active power in the region. He alerted to the seriousness of what is called the new Middle East scheme and enjoined all the national political forces with all their spectrums, rulers and ruled, to resist this scheme, each according to his efforts and potentials. Dr. Abdul Hadi also called for material and moral backing of the resistacne in Palestine and Lebanon and their Muslim counterparts worldwide, in a way that breaks the back of the enemy, reaffirming that he is not Muslim who stands in the way of these duties, citing Muslim scholar’s fatwa in this respect.
MB Parliamentary Bloc Dr. Beltagui took the floor condemning the detention of the PLC Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister Aziz el Dowaik as well as ministers within the Palestinian government. He also lashed out at the American president’s statements which depicted Muslims as fascists. He lamented the Arab states paying billions of dollars to purchase arms while they don’t use them, adding that the Arabs purchased arms estimated at $506 billion in the period from 1990 to2000. The conference was wrapped up with a word by Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismael in which he urged the youth to adopt a practical program foremost among which is promoting for the Aqsa cause among society with all its brackets and whatever sacrifices are. Like Dr. Beltagui, Sheikh Abu Ismael slammed the Arab rulers for purchasing arms estimated at over $ 500 billion while all Arab states combined have failed to launch an English speaking Arab satellite channel to speak for Muslims and put the world public opinion in the picture as far as the Arab and Muslim issues are concerned. He stressed the important role of media, hinting at the Jewish media which enable them to influence the world public opinion, earning them a worldwide sympathy with their issues, thanks to well employed media.