Egypt: Constitutional Amendments Top Bloc’s Agenda

In his interview with Ikhwanweb following the recent elections to choose new leadership for the MB Parliamentary Bloc, Dr. Hamdy Hassan, Bloc’s media spokesman, stressed that Muslim Brotherhood practices real and genuine democracy in all its hierarchical structures “The elections were applauded by all Members of Parliament as they were held in transparency and secrecy”, Hassan said, denying any intervention with the election on the part of the MB Executive Bureau.

On the Bloc’s issues of top priority in the new parliament term of sessions, Hassan pointed out that the Bloc ponders mechanisms mainly to achieve reform in political, social, economic and educational realms, stand up against the constitutional amendments envisaged by the government which were tailored in favor of the elites within the ruling regime.”

The Bloc will also expose corruption and corrupts, most of whom belong to the ruling party”, the Bloc spokesman said.

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