• October 17, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: Court Orders Release Of Dr. Ezzat & 14 MB Leaderships

Egypt: Court Orders Release Of Dr. Ezzat & 14 MB Leaderships

The High Court in Cairo, on Monday October 16, 2006, ordered the release of Secretary General of Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and another 14 MB leaderships from different governorates.

17 MB members were arrested, along with Senior MB Leader Lasheen Abu Shanab, on August 25th of this year during routine meeting at the house of Usama el Husseiny, another MB member, at Kafr el Sheikh, north of Egypt.

Two have been released earlier including senior MB Leader Mr. Lasheen Abu Shanab, for his medical condition. The other 15, including Dr. Ezzat, underwent the usual and systematic extension of detention, with the prosecution leveling the usual, politically motivated charges of belonging to an outlawed organization.

They were kept in custody until they were released today. However, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maksoud said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the acquittal issued by the court is a legal rather than political one, adding that this represents a change in the track of relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime.

Abdul Maksoud hoped that Dr. Ezzat and other released MB leaderships will be released within the two coming days without obstacles by the regime, which has recently challenged court rulings issued in favor of Muslim Brotherhood.

Around 40 more of Muslim Brotherhood members are in still in custody including MB Executive Bureau Member Dr. Mohammed Morsi and MB senior leader Dr. Essam el Eryan who were detained on May 18,2006 against the background of the MB’s solidarity with the judges in their demands for judicial reform.