Egypt: Court overrules Ezzat’s appeal

Egypt: Court overrules Ezzat’s appeal

The Misdemeanor’s Court in Cairo overruled the appeal filed by the MB’s defense team to release Dr Ezzat, the MB deputy Chairman and his colleagues and renewed their detention on Monday.  After a gruesome four hour session which lacked any evidences of the charges presented the MB’s senior members found themselves entangled in a host of fabricated allegations and false accusations which revealed that they are victims of a politically-motivated witch hunt by the ruling regime and state security. 

Defense lawyer and MP Saad Elewa demanded the detainees’ handcuffs removed during the session stressing that the detainees were “not criminals” which received an immediate response from Prosecutor who ordered the cuffs removed. Lawyer Nasser Hafee condemned the accusations as lacking credibility and any tangible documents adding angrily “With lacking evidence, lacking documents and lacking credibility it seems that sovereignty no longer belongs to the people but to prosecutors”. The detainees who remain in custody include

Dr. Essam el-Erian

Dr. Mohyee Hamid

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr

Eng. Ahmed Ali Abbas

Ibrahim al-Sayed

Ahmed Abdel-Ati

Mustafa Sherbatly

Mohamed Abdul Ghani

Waleed al-Shalabi

Ihab Ibrahim

Ali Abd al-Rahim

Khalaf Thabet Haridi

Mossad Ali Qutb

Mohamed Dessouqi 

Reporters and photographers were banned from entering the courthouse and this received an angry response from the media as no official statements were issued to the press.