• September 28, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: Court Puts Senior MB Leader Under House Arrest.

Egypt: Court Puts Senior MB Leader Under House Arrest.

Cairo Court of Appeals upheld the challenge filed by Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maksoud on Monday September 25, 2006, in which the lawyer asked for the release of MB Executive Bureau Member Mr. Lasheen Abu Shanab on health reasons.

 Mr. Abu Shanab has been paralyzed for years that he cannot move, which why the court ordered his release but and putting him under house arrest for 45 days.

 Lawyer Abdul Maksoud regarded the ruling as a right one and a step to the right direction, as the court observed the MB leadership’s deteriorating health especially that he hasn’t been convicted in any criminal case.

 “He is detained only for his political and religious affiliations”, the lawyer said, hoping that this step would be followed by other steps for release of all the Muslim Brotherhood members especially that they are never convicted in any offences punishable by law or constitution.