Egypt: Demonstrators Demand Access to Fight Israel

While the Israeli Occupation Forces are escalating their aggressions on the Palestinian and Lebanese people, demonstrations extended to include almost all main Egyptian cities in protest of the Israeli attacks which targeted the infrastructure in both countries, as well as women and children.

Ikhwanweb covered demonstrations in Cairo and Dakahlia cities, where Egyptians turned up in large numbers to protest the aggression. At Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo and main mosques in Dakahlia, thousands of  demonstrators expressed their staunch support to the position of Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Palestinian resistance. They strongly criticized the Arab regimes’ passive attitude and demanded to open the borders to enable them of fighting alongside their Palestinian and Lebanese brethren. Protestors also demanded the severing all relations with the “Zionist enemy” and expelling its ambassador in Cairo.

Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh, member of the MB Executive Bureau, praised the demonstrations as a vehicle for the public to express their anger towards the “Zionist crimes”, at a time when the international community connive with Israel by keeping silent. He lamented that the world has been moved by the abduction of only three Israeli soldiers while turning a blind eye to 10000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Abul Fotouh accused the international community of bias against Muslims and double standards when dealing with their grievances.

Dr. Abul Fotouh described the offical Arab position as “shameful” when it blamed the resistance for the latest confrontation “this is one example where the Arab governments has shown their loss of touch with their own people”. Abul Fotouh called on Arabs and Muslims to remove, rather than move, their regimes now that their positions have become a disgrace to the Arab and Muslim nations.

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