Egypt: Dismissal of Interior Minister is the Only Choice Peaceful assembly is a civil right

Egypt: Dismissal of Interior Minister is the Only Choice Peaceful assembly is a civil right

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today, that the dismissal of the interior minister Habib Al-Adli is a national demand , being the prime responsible for the crimes of systematic torture in Egypt. Yesterday, disengagement of peaceful gatherings by using excessive force was added to his crimes as well as arbitrary arrests of hundreds of citizens and detaining them in illegal locations , such as security camps of Darrasa in Cairo and Madinet elSalam at the outskirts of Cairo , two locations completely controlled by the interior ministry.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians peacefully demonstrated yesterday in Cairo as well as many cities and governorates . No violence or sabotaging was recorded all over Egypt. On the other hand, police in uniform and civil apparel turned into monsters attacking demonstrators , especially small clusters in side streets, without distinction between an elderly man or a woman or youth.

Gamal Eid, director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said, “I saw with my own eyes how the police attacked youth and dragged them on the street, as well as violent attacks against reporters and journalists . we are eyewitnesses to police crimes”.

Most of the cheers and mottos of yesterday demonstrations were demanding the dismissal of Interior Minister and calling for democracy and refusal of succession , which makes the dismissal of Interior Minister a national demand and not a jurist one. The Egyptian government should not ignore this demand , so as not to cause more anger, which may result in irreversible consequences.

The Arabic network said “When a police officer ,even if it were the Interior Minister dares to deprive tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of their right to expression and assembly , using massive police elements who do not have a good reputation as well as using weapons, this is more than enough to dismiss him . Even if the violations committed by his ministry has been acknowledged by the President of the Republic or the Egyptian government , these violations are brutal crimes and the interior minister or senior officers will not be excused for obeying orders, a crime is a crime. Instead of protecting citizens, excessive use of force was deployed to confront them leaving at least three civilians and a police officer killed , Habib al-Adli, Minister of the Interior bears the blood of them all”.