• September 23, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: Dr. Al Hayawan Released After Nine Months In Jail

Egypt: Dr. Al Hayawan Released After Nine Months In Jail

At last, and after one court ruling of equittal and three appeals he filed fighting his detention, the Egyptian authorities released senior MB member, Dr. Hassan el Hayawan, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University.

Dr. el Hayawan was detained since December 2005 and falsely accused by the Egyptian authorities of hooliganism and allegations of obstructing voting process in Faqous Polling Centre, Sharqiya, North of Egypt, during last parliamentary elections, and belonging to an outlawed group, i.e. Muslim Brotherhood.

After six months in police custody, and on June 14, 2006, the court cleared him of these charges, but the Ministry of Interior challenged the ruling and ordered re -detention of Dr. el Hayawan on June 15, 2006 without an explanation

The MB members of Parliament confronted the Minister of Interior with the decision against Dr. el Hayawan. Feeling embarrassed, the Minister justified the decision by saying that el Hayawan is convicted and vowed that his ministry will take measures against him.

After his release from prison, Dr. el Hayawan said in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that detentions do not have any negative impacts on the Muslim Brotherhood. Rather, he said such detentions strengthen the group and make its members more assertive to continue in their path “even if the group’s reformist ideas cause panic to the corrupts in the regime” he added.

 Dr. Hassan el Hayawan, 47, joined the Muslim Brotherhood when he was still a student at the Faculty of Medicine. He is the son of late journalist Mohammed el Hayawan who worked with the state owned Al Gomhouria newspaper and Wafd paper, the Wafd Party mouthpiece.

Dr. Al Hayawan is such an MB prominent politician that he was named by the MB Executive Bureau as member of the group’s political department, and an assistant to Dr. Essam Al-Erian, head of that department and who is also currently imprisoned.