Egypt: Eight Missing Amid Rising Crackdown on Gaza Demos

Egypt: Eight Missing Amid Rising Crackdown on Gaza Demos

Egyptian state security forces cracked down on pro-Gaza protesters in the northern governorate of Al-Beheirah on Thursday and kidnapped around eight citizens who were taking part in the demos, Ikhwanweb reporter and eyewitnesses said. Nobody knows where the eight citizens are at present.

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Gamal Hishmat slammed the Egyptian government for its “shamefully passive stance” towards the Israeli occupation”s siege on the Gaza Strip and its violent crackdown on protesters, particularly MB activists, who call for more active support to the besieged people in Gaza.

Hishmat said the regime”s escalation “mirrors its deals with the Zionist regime and its attempts to please its American ally.”

Names of missing citizens according to eyewitnesses are Khalil Fatim, Anas Bagot, Mahmoud Mousa, Masoud Abusamrah, Said Qutub, Faissal Fayyad, Yousef Tallat, and Sami Abdrabbu.

Around 64 MB members were rounded up last Thursday over Gaza protests, which raises the number of MB detainees who were held over the past few weeks for their pro-Gaza activities to approximately 100.