Egypt: Elections Rigging Videos, US Aid Cuts and A New Blog by Talented Movie Director

In this week’s round up from Egypt, bloggers write about domestic issues as well as Egypt-US relations and I am also introducing new interesting blogs about movies, photography and liberal youth!

Election Rigging Videos: On June 11, polling stations were opened for the Shura Council elections’ voters or Egypt’s Upper House of Parliament elections. Wael Abbass posted on his blog 10 videos that were sent to him from several sources coming from different Egyptian governorates showing manipulations in the electoral process of the Shura Council.

US cuts Aid to Egypt: Zeinobia comments on the approved US legislation aimed at pressuring Egypt to improve its human rights record by withholding 200 million dollars in military funds until progress is made. She says “this is a big slap for the new elected member of Human Rights Council in the United Nations aka Egypt.”

Egypt is the second recipient for US aid in the Middle East after Israel. Egypt was made eligible for this aid after signing a peace agreement with Israel in the 70s.

Popular Movie Director Blogs: I am proud to introduce a blog owned by a very talented Egyptian who decided to blog his life and history, giving us a golden opportunity to delve into his life and an era in Egypt’s history. Egyptian movie director and writer Mohamed Khan, who was born in 1942, joined the blogosphere with a blog named after one of his movies. Klephty (Arabic) is Khan’s blog. In his most recent blog posts “Is it Destiny!” , he thinks his blog is the place where he drafts his history, memories and thoughts and that blogging sometimes forces him to remember things he did not really want to think about. He believes that it is mind-boggling how ideas are born without knowing that they will be when you start writing. It is interesting to learn that although Khan was born in Cairo, his parents are immigrants. He was born to a Pakistani father and an Italian mother. His blog is full of very interesting photos and stories about his life and work that do not only tell us about Khan but about Egypt’s history. Welcome Klephty to the Blogosphere – it is a real enrichment to Egyptian blogs!

Blogotography: Maryanne Stroud Gabbani reports from Cairo and Giza in photos on her blog. Maryanne who currently lives in Cairo, lived in Canada before and she has an eye for photos. Check them out on her new blog!

Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth on Blogger: A group of youth has a started a union for liberal youth who believe in freedom, justice and equality. The idea was born in view of Egypt’s constitutional amendments, presidential and parliamentarian elections. They say they have started their union to represent a group of young Egyptians who believe that liberalism is the way to development and progress. They use blogger to write about their ideas, activities, liberal writers, conferences, and their union’s board elections, among other topics.

That’s all from me today. See you next week!