• January 6, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt: Gov’t Blocks Ikhwanweb After Exposing Torture Cases

Egypt: Gov’t Blocks Ikhwanweb After Exposing Torture Cases

After exposing recent torture cases committed by police officers in Mubarak’s regime; authorities in Egypt blocked access to Ikhwanweb throughout the country since early this morning. All web domains affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood’s English web site have been blocked, including Ikhwanweb.com, MBhood.com, MuslimBrotherhood.co.uk

Ikhwanweb strongly condemn this despicable behavior by the Egyptian government, which further proves its willingness to silence all voices of reform and at any price.

Instead of opening serious investigations into cases of police officers accused of torture and bringing them to justice; the Egyptian government chose to shoot the messanger and go after those who uncover these cases throwing them in jail or subject them to an endless cycle of harassment and intimidations, which raises serious doubts about the hollow promises of reform the president has always bragged about.

Ikhwanweb will continue its relentless campaign against systematic torture in Mubarak’s prisons and police stations until justice is served and perpetrators among police officers who are commmitting these shameful acts receive their punishment in the court of law.