Egypt: Intellectuals accuse Freedoms Committee of ignoring MB basic rights.

Egypt: Intellectuals accuse Freedoms Committee of ignoring MB basic rights.



Asaad questioned the authenticity of the committee stressing “if they call for human rights, where then are the rights of the Egyptian citizen to clothing, housing and life in general? Why aren’t they concerned with the official religious and political persecutions suffered by many religious groups and sects in Egypt including the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the Church of Saint Maximus which suffers from internal religious persecution? “Adding “Where are the deprived rights of Palestinians who suffer from daily massacres by the Israeli enemy?”


Dr. Rafiq Habib, researcher and writer agreed with Asaad on the disregard St. Maximus Church illustrating that the USCIRF dealt with the Orthodox Church when it studied the Christian affairs because it recognized the sensitivity of dealing with an emerging sect such as St. Maximus Church therefore it is not a matter of principles but its subject to interests and relations too.

He accused the commission of not adhering to an absolute principle but rather concerned with the main issue which is the majority of Copts represented by the Orthodox Church.


Islamist lawyer Mokhtar Noah, accused the commission of ignoring numerous   organizations which exposed religious or political persecution in Egypt , as it did not come to examine   the religious freedoms situation in Egypt , hence it will not meet with all persecuted parties.


He wondered if the US system, Council of Ministers and US Congress have met with this commission or would they have imprisoned them on charges of insulting the US system?


Dr. Essam El-Erian, member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, considered the presence of the commission in Egypt as a blatant interference in Egypt ‘s affairs which does not have an international base.


El-Erian pointed out that this should be reviewed by the Egyptian government and system since it is unacceptable and contradicts with the Egyptian sovereignty