Egypt: Mansoura’s Professors rally over colleague’s arrest

Egypt: Mansoura’s Professors rally over colleague’s arrest


A large number of Mansoura’s University’s teaching staff  assembled and participated in a recent rally protesting  against the  government’s policy of incarcerating honourable and distinguished members of society namely the MB leaders.


Dr Farah Shenawy former Vice President of the University was among the protestors who convened in front of the Faculty of Medicine. Rallying participants condemned the government for breaking and contravening human rights laws in its treatment of citizens.


The demonstrators called for the immediate release of all detainees and in particular their colleague Dr Mohamed Desouky who was arrested on February 8 along with a number of highly ranked MB leaders by state security forces.


With no time limit on detention, the University’s staff and protestors relayed their concern over the arrests stressing that some of the detainees suffered illnesses and conditions. A delegation called on the Prosecutor to immediately release Dr Desouky stressing that none of the accusations may be attributed to him.


The demonstrators expressed frustration with the unjust arrests and hoped that there would be an end to these unjust measures practiced by the Interior Ministry. They hoped that their colleague will be given the suitable care needed since he suffered from numerous health conditions. The University’s staff stressed that they would take the necessary measures and appoint a team of highly qualified defense lawyers to stand by their respectable and much appreciated friend and colleague Dr Mohamed Desouky.