Egypt: MB detainee nearly dies in al-Marg prison

Egypt: MB detainee nearly dies in al-Marg prison

 Alkarama has just received reports from inside ِal-Marg prison in Cairo, that political detainee Ayman Ibrahim al-Dasuqi nearly died in custody. Sources inform that his illness turned critical at 14h00 on 23 October 2009 when his blood pressure sky-rocketed due to complications associated with diabetes.

Prison authorities, in a typical act of negligence and impunity, refused to allow detained doctors to come to his assistance. In reaction to this indignation, fellow prisoners began a huge commotion of banging and shouting in order to get Mr. al-Dasuqi (who suffers from diabetes) urgent help as his health turned critical; his blood pressure was so high at this point that he was risking a cerebral hemorrhage.

He was purposefully cut off from those trying to help him by prison authorities, who finally after 45 minutes of uproar opened the door only to appear without a doctor or anyone who could help. By this time the prison hospital was without a single physician, luckily the detained doctors were able to resolve the situation, though his condition remains unstable.

Ayman al-Dasuqi is one of the 33 individuals accused of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, arrested by Special Forces and the Central Security Agency on 17 August 2009 at the home of Yasser Ibrahim.

Alkarama continues to monitor the case of the 33 persons arrested in Suez and will be informing the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of their fate in the coming days.