Egypt: MB students and 6 of April youth unite in support of (Freedom Day)

Egypt: MB students and 6 of April youth unite in support of (Freedom Day)

The rally which was organised in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood students and the members of the April 6 youth Movement condemned the suppression of freedom of speech and the arbitrary dismissal of students and disciplinary boards.


The ongoing campaigns which included students from the Assuit, Mansoura, Beni Suef, Tanta and Azhar Universities slammed the continued inflation of tuition fees and the decline of services. 

A catch-cry of the campaign, summing up the intent of the protests had been for the full Student Control of Student Affairs and the call for amendments in the constitution in addition to the slamming of the emergency law which has continued to exist for nearly 30 years. The students demanded the annulling of the injustices practiced by the university’s guards and the ongoing intervention in their affairs by state security.


Speakers from both trends who issued a joint statement titled “Freedom Day” explained that continued intervention by the ruling regime was unacceptable. They highlighted the necessity of the constitutions amendment changes which urged for free, fair and transparent elections in all areas including Presidential, parliamentary, trade unions and student bodies under the supervision of the judiciary who represented integrity. The MB speaker described the continued physical assaults of students as a flagrant violation of human rights and a breach of the constitution.


During the demonstrations in a phone conference Dr Mohamed Morsy the media spokesmen for the MB and member of the group’s executive bureau encouraged the students to continue in their stance and to defend what is rightfully theirs; that is the freedom to express their opinions without continued suppression and the right to an education far from the probing interventions by the ruling regime and the ever watchful eyes of state security.