Egypt: More members of the Muslim Brotherhood arrested

Egypt: More members of the Muslim Brotherhood arrested

Alkarama has received news from Egypt regarding the arrests of two separate groups in Al-Buheira and Munufeya Governorate.

12 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in Al-Buhira

On 26 September 2009, the following 12 people were arrested by State Security forces in Al-Buhira:

1. Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Heshmat (Assistant Professor, Institute of Medicine of the Alexandria University)
2. Mohamed Mohsen Ibrahim Swaidan (retired)
3. Hamdy Abdel Hamid Saad Obaid (Secretary General of the Union Doctors in Al-Bahira)
4. Hosni Omar Ali Omar (Civil Engineer at the Irrigation Directorate)
5. Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Abu Al-Saad (Director, an executive for the Arab Contractors)
6. Mustafa Ismail Rizk Al-Kholi (a contract Engineer)
7. Mahdi Abdul-Hamid Mohammad Qersem (Doctor/Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Alexandria University)
8. Adli Abdul Al-Qawy Mohammed Abu Shanaf (pharmacist)
9. Mohamed Sobhy Talaba Al-Tahan (retired)
10. Hamed Abdel Azim Mohamed Badawi (Financial & Adminstrative  Manager at Kom Hamada educational directorate)
11. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammad Al-Sharaky (Director of Elementary School Abu Zahra Homs)
12. Adil Mohammad Yunus Ibrahim (General Manager of company stores of industrial silk in Kafr El-Dawar)

This incident represents another concentrated effort by the Egyptian government against members of the Muslim Brotherhood. This incident is similar to that of the 15 accused of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood arrested in Al-Bahira in late August 2009.

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