Egypt: MP Rejects UN Prize in Protest of Israeli Massacres

Member of Parliament Dr. Shahinaz el Naggar refused to receive an award presented by the UN media center in protest of what she called the heinous massacres against the Lebanese people while these massacres are met with pathetic silence on the part of the UN which has failed to take effective measures to stop this aggression on civilians as well as targeting the Lebanese and Palestinian infrastructure.

Al Naggar depicted the international organization as useless now that it has surrendered to the wishes and whims of the American and Israeli enemies in their unstopping aggressions on the Arab people. This step on the part of MP el Naggar was hailed by the opposition and independent MPs as well as some of the majority party members, regarding it as a strong message to the UN that the Egyptian people’s representatives will not deal with it as long as it persists with its pro aggression policy by keeping silent over the massacres committed by the Israeli forces against the Lebanese people.

MB deputy Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, as well as two ruling party members, Dr. including NDP prominent figures Dr. Gamal Zahran and Dr. Mostafa el Salab, said that the Arab rulers should adopt tougher positions toward the Israeli brutalities by a mass withdrawal from the UN and boycotting Israel politically and economically, regarding oil as an effective weapon for the time being.

Members in the MB Parliamentary Bloc also, topped by Bloc spokesman Dr. Hamdy Hassan and Sheikh Assayed Askar pointed out that the destruction of Lebanon and the ensuing massacres are predetermined schemes concocted by the Israeli government to make it an example for the other Arab states so that all of them surrender to its wishes. “What on earth keeps the Arab rulers from severing their relations with Israel and the US? They wondered.