Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood questions the negligence of the ruling parties Ministers.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood questions the negligence of the ruling parties Ministers.


The People’s Assembly Committees will witness a number of strong confrontations between members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc and ministers of the ruling NDP as their requests mostly will be focused on the  government’s negative performance and its insistence on the neglect of the ordinary citizen.


Members of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the Education and Scientific Research Committee including Ali Labin, Ibrahim Zakaria, Taimor Abdel-Ghani, Ibrahim Abu Auf and Saad al-Husseini made briefs accusing the government as primarily responsible for the displacement of dozens of female Azhar University students who possess Saudi Arabian Secondary School certificates despite being officially recognized by Al-Azhar University.


Dr. Yasser Hammoud, a member of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, will submit another request concerning the failure of the General Authority for Educational Buildings which was entrusted to play a leading role in the establishment of schools where the premises have been allocated to the body.


The Proposals and Complaints Committee of the People’s Assembly will discuss proposals filed by the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc which include Mohammed Shaker Al-Dib, Abdel-Latif Qutb, Dr. Farid Ismail, Hussein Al Shura, Moamen Zaroor and Ahmed Abu Baraka emphasizing the need to establish free clinics to provide treatment for civilians in Beni Suef. If efficient funds are provided, Fakous General Hospital will benefit making it possible for the completion of the new building of Fakous Fever Hospital as well as providing dialysis unit, nurseries, medical devices and the appointing of Specialist Physicians for Aldaljamon’s rural hospital.


The Ministry of Housing comes under harsh criticism by MB MP’s Azab Mustafa Mursi, Akram Al-Shaer and Yasser Hammoudeh because of the government’s delay in implementing water and sanitation projects.  Its reluctance in renovating the existing sewage network at Saqiyat Makki and Jazeerat Al-Dahab in Giza Governorate despite the allocation of appropriate Japanese grants to fund the project will also be questioned. In addition to the negligence of this project, the government has also severely delayed the development of Alkabouti, Port Said along with the failure to commence the implementing of projects of drinking water and sanitation at some Monofeya’s villages.