Egypt: Prisoners Watchdog Condemns Freezing MB Assets

The Egyptian National Committee for Defending Prisoners of Opinion and Freedoms condemned the attorney general’s oppressive decision of freezing assets of 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, currently under arrest, in addition to their wives and children.

The committee said that this is the first measure of such a kind in political cases, confirming that it is unprecedented aggression national opposition and those who express their opinions; it added that this decision was issued by the highest political authority in the country in a way that totally contradicts with the constitution and supremacy of law, and confirms that we are living in a police state.

The committee demanded parties and national powers to adopt a unified stance against this arbitrary measure before suffer from it.

The committee considered freezing the assets of these detained compatriots as a flagrant comeback to the totalitarian rule and a one-party rule, making it useless and absurd to speak about any constitutional amendments under this injustice.

The committee stressed that this measure is contradicting with the country’s policy which is based on free economy encouraging investment; it also described it as an attempt to scare and drive investors and businessmen out of a lawless country which is steered by the whims of its tyrant rulers.

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