Egypt: Rights Groups Slam Police Assaults On Lawyers

Egypt: Rights Groups Slam Police Assaults On Lawyers

The Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development, and the Egyptian Centre for Development and Democratic Studies expressed their deep disappointment at the physical attack which one of the lawyers was exposed to in the police station of Edfu, adding that this is a continuation of the series of violations against Egyptian lawyers.

These events were due to the 30-year-old lawyer Ahmed Ibrahim Al- Desouki (nickname Ahmed Ali Allah Al-Desouki) who was assaulted by a police officer and his clothes were torn when he went to Edfu police station to attend the investigation with his client charged with shop theft.


Moreover, three of the officer’s colleagues, assaulted the lawyer inside a room, kicking him, trailing him along on the ground and beating him on the face by their shoes, and when he tried to escape they chased him, beating him, driving him again to the station and assaulting him. In addition to holding him inside a room over than an hour, which led to injuring his face with many bruises ,bleeding from his nose and swelling in various parts of his body until the lawyer’s colleagues and  relatives hurried to the station to save him.

The two Human Right centers confirmed that this attack was not the first, and they described it as a gross violation of all international charters and conventions, and it violates all the lawyer’s immunity during his work.


Both of the Bar Association and the lawyers themselves call for standing firmly against this attack, and to interfere decisively to stop such attacks against Lawyers by some members of the police, to prevent similar attacks in the future. They also demanded the Attorney General to investigate about this attack and refer the criminals to trial.