• February 3, 2007
  • 14 minutes read

Egypt: Second Arrest Warrant Against 42 Al-Azhar University Students

Egypt: Second Arrest Warrant Against 42 Al-Azhar University Students

The Egyptian Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant again against 42 Al-Azhar University students after Cairo Criminal court acquitted them last Wednesday Jan., 31, 2007, on Al-Azhar case No. 963 state security of the year 2006 .

These students have been detained on Thursday, Dec, 14, 2006.

The Egyptian authoritarian regime has been recently used to giving a blind eye to law and judicial rulings; there are thousands of persons who have been acquitted by judicial rulings but they are arrested again according to the emergency law .

This tyrannical regime has launched repeated crackdowns against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and business, in order to hurt the group; however its decisions backfired and they hurt the Egyptian economy and distorted the image of Egypt, another indication that the regime lacks a well planned vision.

It is worth mentioning late Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader, Dr. Hassan Al Hayawan,  a pulmonary medicine professor at Zagazig University, north of Cairo, received repeated acquittals but they weren’t implemented by the Egyptian authorities, and died only three days after he was released of a heart attack due to the ill-treatment he received inside prison.

Also, Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood was acquitted along with other MB leaders last Monday but they have been detained again according to the notorious emergency law.

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