Egypt: Six Arrested For Hanging Posters About Ramadan

The Egyptian security agencies arrested on Friday six young men at Nasr City, Daqhaliyya Governorate, north of Cairo, while they were hanging posters contained verses from the Quran and sayings by prophet Mohamed (PUH) about Ramadan. A unit including 11 officers and soldiers arrested the youth and took them to the nearest police station, charging them with “hanging religious posters without prior permission from the authorities” .
The detainees weren’t referred to prosecution until 11.30 PM next day, in a violation of the law which sets a 24 –hour maximum period for detention before referral to the prosecution. On the other hand, the prosecutor ordered them in jail, saying that he couldn’t decide on “this unusual case” before consulting with the Attorney General or the Chief Prosecutor. No final say was reported about this incident till the this moment.

The detainees names are;

1- Mohamed Abdel Latif (Pharmacist)

2-Tamer Twakal Al Dahshan (Accountant)

3-Faisal Al Saudi (Accountant)

4-Amro Nasr (Engineer)

5-Walid Awadeen (Graduate Student, School of Science)

6-Ahmed Al Shenitty (Student)