• December 3, 2006
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Egypt: State Council Cancels House Vote in

Egypt: State Council Cancels House Vote in

In a heavy caliber surprise that may increase owes of the Egyptian regime, the State Council cancelled the results of the 2005 People’s Assembly elections in 24 constituencies nationwide.

Six part leaders appealed to the Administrative Court in the State Council against the Minister of Justice- the chief of the Supreme Elections Committee- and the Interior Minister and the People’s Assembly Speaker, demanding canceling the legislative elections in the third stage and rescinding the decision of holding the legislative elections 2005 due to the violations that eventually lead its invalidity.

The report, prepared by counselor Mohamed Badr, the deputy chief judge of the State Council, stated that invalid measures taken during these elections made them invalid; this is supported by the technical reports issued by the concerned services which stated several faults, including: mistakes in electoral rolls, vote-buying and bribery, burning ballot boxes, using bullies as a means for aggression, the negative neutrality of the security, the judicial supervision was not complete from the legal and legitimate sides, the judicial institution didn’t oversee the status quo outside the election stations and not protecting judges who demanded the military protection.

The report added that on the basis of the rulings issued herein and that some candidates shouldn’t be categorized "workers" as they are considered "professionals" according to issued rulings for the candidates in several constituencies; however, according to the reports against the People’s Assembly elections 2005 which were issued by the national council of human rights and various civil society organizations, something that the authorities didn’t deny or challenge- the government held premeditatedly the elections in the stated constituencies, in defiance to the rulings issued against them; this means that the government abused its power through adopting a method aiming to twist the laws of the constitution.

The report stated that, accordingly, the decision issued for declaring the results of these elections gravely violated the prescribed laws; thus this decision is cancelled, said the report, within the scope of declaring the results of the elections of the following constituencies:

Cairo and Giza: constituencies of 23 (Basatin police station), 15 (Al-Darb Al-Ahmar police station), 5 (Al-Zawya Al-Hamra), 11 (Al-Waily police station), 9 (Al Hawamdia police station) .

Alexandria: the constituency of 4 (Bab Sharq police station).

Al Fayum: the constituencies of Abshway district " Youssef Al-Siddiq" and 3 (Sinnuris police station).

Delat Governortes Mansoura, and Damietta: Constituencies 1 (Bandar Damietta), 3 (Beni Ebeid police station), constituency 4 (Az Zarqa police station), constituency 5 (Talkha), 6 (Nabarouh centre), 7 (Belqas district) 11 (Manzala police station), 13 (Al Senbelawin), constituency 14 (Tamid Amdid police station, constituency 15 (Aga police station), constituency 16 (Mit Ghamr), the constituency of Fariskur police station .

Upper Egypt governorates in Asyut and Suhaj: the results of 2005 were cancelled in the constituencies of 1 (Asyut police station 1), 3 (Suhaj Tema police station), 4 (Qusiya police station), 9 (Munsha’at Suhaj police station) and 10 ( Al Badari police station) .

The State Council ordered a reelection among the candidates of the these constituencies according to prescribed laws and rules.