Egypt: Student Protests in Support of Jerusalem Continue

Egypt: Student Protests in Support of Jerusalem Continue

 Egypt’s universities students continued their protests against US’s decision regarding Jerusalem where Al Azhar University, as well as Zagazig and Sohag University, have witnessed several protest activities in support of the Jerusalem cause and in rejection of the recent Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as a Capital of the Zionist entity and his intent to move the US embassy there.

In Zagazig University, a mass student demonstration gathered in Al Azhar University, after Noon Prayer, condemning Trump’s decision, affirming the Jerusalem Arab and Muslim identity as the eternal Capital of Palestine, and calling for the consolidation of efforts to support the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The participants repeated slogans such as: "Down Down with Israel," and raised banners that say: "Jerusalem is Ours, Jerusalem is Muslim and Arab," amid wide student interaction and participation, and despite the security forces siege to prevent demonstrations from moving outside the campuses.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students gathered in a mass demonstration at Al Azhar University, where they marched throughout campus denouncing the official Arab leaders’ indefference over the Judaization of Jerusalem and demanding Arab masses to continue their movement in support of the Palestinian uprising.

In Sohag University, rallies were held throughout university campus, expressing support for Palestinians in their uprising to protect the holy sites.

For their part, observers say that Egyptian universities demonstrations against the Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity is a new revival of the January revolution generation, which the Egyptian regime thinks it had crushed; but the student movement was and will remain catalyst for change and Jerusalem protests are could be the beginning.

A number of observers interested in student affairs indicate that students’ message suggests that repression will never extinguish the nationalist trend and that the encompassing issues can bring together various parties in the struggle arena regardless of the elites’ differences and conflicts that led to the Country and the revolution down.