• October 10, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt: Students Sit In To Protest Security Repressive Acts.

Egypt: Students Sit In To Protest Security Repressive Acts.

The Muslim Brotherhood students in faculties of Education and Science, Damietta Governorate, north of Egypt, started an open ended sit in as of Thursday of last week in protest against the arrest of two students from the faculties of Education and Science at the hands of security forces reinforced with armed carriers.

 A student said in a telephone call with Ikhwanonline that the students of those two faculties have suffered harassments since the start of the new academic year, with all students male and females alike being  frisked by the university guards before being allowed into their faculties” with a blatant disregard of all moral principles and chastity”, the student said, adding that the security authorities didn’t stop at this, but they have also pulled down signboards hung by university students, the recent of which was one in which they congratulated  their teaching staff and colleagues on the new academic year.

 The university guard went as far as to rip off the signboards and assault the students who were hanging it.” A week after the beginning of the academic year, four students from the Faculty of Education and three from the Faculty of Commerce were referred to disciplinary committee which considered these congratulations as an accusation”, the student said, wondering that it is the first time to see congratulating students and teaching staff as an offensive act which deserves investigations and could even lead to dismissal of students from university.

 Nor is this all, the authorities also dragged two students from the faculties of Education and Science, assaulting and beating them in front of their colleagues and even ripping off their clothes.

Boiling with anger, the university students marched through the campus demonstrating and protesting such violations . The students still ask until how long these security harassments will continue, which students depicted as flagrant violation of all rules and principles, causing loyalty to the country to fade away in the hearts of the students.”

Does the National Party think that its signboards mushrooming the governorate will make amends for the crimes committed by its agencies against us” the students asked.