• August 3, 2006
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Egypt: Syndicate of Science Organizes Pro Resistance Conference

Egypt: Syndicate of Science Organizes Pro Resistance Conference

The Popular Committee for Resisting Zionism organized a conference in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. A host of Islamist and nationalist political figures including MB Parliamentary Bloc members attended the conference which was held at the Syndicate of Science Faculty Graduates. Among the attendants were Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Historian Dr. Gamal Abdul Hadi (MB), Sheikh Ameen el Deep (an Islamist poet), Azhar University professor Dr. Makarem el Dairy, MB Member of Parliament Essam Mokhtar, Iraqi writer Suhaila el Hussein, Azhar scholar Dr. Abdussatar Fatehallah Said, and military expert Mohammed Nabil Fuad.

MB Chairman Mohammed Mahdi Akef was the first to talk in the conference. In his word, the Chairman praised the Lebanese people and Hizbullah resistance headed by Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, as well as the resistacne in Iraq and Palestine. He reassured that the Muslim Brotherhood works for the Nation’s interests, adding that this is a fact only denied by the enemies of the Nation. He called on the group and all Muslims to get themselves ready for jihad for the cause of God. He also said that the Arab and Muslim people don’t fight a state or an entity but an armed gang which knows nothing but killing and devastation and displacement of people, as well as all dirty acts which the world has witnessed. He called on the world to stand one hand in confrontation of the scheme of evil concocted by the US and Israel. The Chairman strongly criticized the disgraceful position of the Arab rulers toward the goings on in Lebanon, calling on them to work in favor of the people rather than the corrupts. He also lamented the stay of MB members in prison, saying that their only charge was seeking to bring in freedom to this nation. On what the security forces do when dealing with political activities, such as closing streets and besieging syndicates, the Chairman said that the regime has gone mad and it has become unable to survive without this uncivilized method it uses to consolidate its rule. The Chairman reaffirmed that the group cooperates with all political forces which work for the right which” we seek to achieve”; adding that unity makes a powerful nation and it is also the road to justice and right. He heralded that the strugglers for freedom are not defeated, citing the 50 year long resistance of the Palestinian people in the face of the Zionists who have failed to break its willpower. As regards the position of the Security Council, the UN and the Arab rulers, the Chairman said that the international organization biased with the Zionist gangs toward what is going on in Lebanon, while the recent events exposed the Arab treacherous rulers and their disgraceful position toward the disasters befalling the Lebanese and Palestinian people.


Each of the speakers highlighted a specific point related to the crisis. Dr. Gamal Abul Hadi reaffirmed that all the Arab and Muslim people should have a significant role in support of the resistance, now that the Arab rulers betrayed their nation and besieged the Islamic reawakening, an attitude which works only in favor of the “Zionist scheme”. He warned that the aggression will spill over into other Arab countries like Syria, Egypt and Jordan, calling on the Muslim scholars to move to save the nation and the scientists in the military area to get together and issue a statement instructing the nation on counter plans to help save the nation and repel the aggression. Dr. Abdul Hadi called on all the nation countries to defend Islam and their Ummah, asserting that jihad has become an individual obligation now that the Arab armies have been precluded from jihad by stupid political decisions.

Military Expert Mohammed Nabeel Fuad said the Israeli Mossad has failed to identify the exact force and potentials of Hizbullah. Mr. Nabeel stressed that the Israeli forces have been trapped in the quagmire of war in Lebanon and Hizbullah. He expected a ceasefire within a week, with each warring party trying to gain ground in the war to strengthen its position in negotiators. He hailed as courageous and patriotic the Egyptian army, stressing that all the military in Egypt hopes that a day comes when they fight Israel but the problem is in the political leadership by which the Arab world has been put to shame.

MB Member of Parliament Essam Mokhtar called on the sheikhs who issue fatwas taboo backing of Hizbullah on religious grounds to stop talking on these issues at this critical time, wondering why those fatwa issuing people didn’t go and back their Sunni brothers in Palestine “When it comes to fighting and killing, the Israeli forces don’t care whether the victims are Sunni Muslims or Shiite Muslims”, he said.

Iraqi writer Suhailah el Hussein reminded the Arab and Muslim people of the Islamic background of the conflict between the Muslims and their enemies. To hammer home this fact, she gave an example of Salahuddin el Ayoubi and Nur el Din Zinki, saying that they didn’t fight in the name of Iraq but in the name of Islam.

Dr. Makarem el Dairy of al Azhar University lamented that the Muslim caliphate throughout history was a state of caliber which the then world powers reckoned with, saying that the Qana massacre is a message from Israel to all the Arab rulers, and hailing as steadfast the resistacne in confrontation of the Israeli aggression.

Poet Ameen el Deep read out poems he wrote on the Arab and Muslim current situation, calling on the Arab rulers to leave power if they persist with their disgraceful attitude, while appealing to the Arab and Muslim world to close ranks in backing of the resistance. Azhar professor Dr. Abdussattar Fatehallah Said alerted the Arab and Muslim world that Jews have always been the real enemies of the Nation, and that Zionism has always been weaving plots and intrigues against all humanity, but he heralded that the Crusade wars will fail as was the case with the previous crusade expedition centuries ago, and that the Arabs and Muslims will avenge the Qana massacre in the near future and that the retaliation will be powerful and painful. He slammed the Camp David treaty, saying that it was designed mainly to establish normalization between Zionists and Egyptians, but the Jews ruined all options and now the Nation has no option but the war, reaffirming that the whole nation is entirely headed to the road of jihad and martyrdom.

After the conference, about 300000 pounds, and a Palestinian pound was auctioned for charity for four times and, however, it was returned once again so that it can be auctioned for charity on another occasion, with women donating their gold and children sacrificing their pocket money.

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