• June 16, 2006
  • 1 minute read

Egypt: ’Tourists Can Drink Privately’ – Brotherhood

Egypt: ’Tourists Can Drink Privately’ – Brotherhood

Tourists in Egypt would be allowed to drink alcohol inside their hotels, said the leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, said on Egypt’s Dream satellite channel that although the Koran bans the consumption of alcohol, tourists could do so in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

The brotherhood said that they supported tourism, but that they would still make sure that the values upheld in the Koran were respected.
Akef said: "Whoever drinks alcohol, let him drink in his hotel. We don’t control people in their homes."

The government does not officially recognize the brotherhood, but several parliamentary seats were won by fielding independents.

The comments could have a profound impact on the country’s tourism, currently its biggest source of GDP, if the brotherhood, even came into power.