Egypt: Two Bloggers Arrested

Egyptian Watchman blog is reporting that Ahmed El Geizawy of ana Bahebek ya Masr (I love you Egypt) blog and Moataz Adel of Manfa blog were arrested today.
The two bloggers were on their way to cover a military court session for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Egyptian Watchman blog is calling upon all parties concerned with freedom of speech and expression to stand by the two detained bloggers.
He is commenting on the arrest as saying “it seems that security (departments) get worried of bloggers reporting on political trials in which bloggers have been doing great job.”
Tahyyes blog has since reported the release of Moataz Adel, which is good news. On the other hand, Geizawy is till under investigation.
Arresting bloggers has become a frequent procedure recently, particularly for bloggers who attempt to cover the political scene in Egypt.