Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

Dr. Abdel Hamid Zaghloul, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s parliamentary bloc and deputy for Al-Beheira, denounced the assault by Mohab Radwan chief security guard of the Higher Institute of Social Service-Damanhur on MB student Basma Mahmoud Bagar, a second year college student. Radwan ripped her veil from her face when she entered the Institute. Zaghloul asserted that he would submit an urgent statement to the Ministers of Interior and Education on the scandal.


“What happened indicates that it is becoming a general trend by the regime as police maltreat male and female university students warning that these measures will provoke counter-violence.


He also stressed that these incidents escalate the public opinion’s tension in Egypt at a time when the Egyptians are already  suffering from crises exceeding their tolerance adding that the consequences will be  intolerable.


Zaghloul blamed the authorities for taking things too far making nerves fray even more stressing that this is not in the interests of all He blamed the government in general and the Interior ministry in particular for what may arise as a result of  these irrational practices. In fact, he added “These abuses are incompatible with the Constitution and law”.


The MB students in Beheira condemned the incident which took place recently to their colleague, stressing that it is an unfortunate tragedy, claiming they will not stand idly observing  these heinous acts committed by the security guard and they will not give up their rights, whatever the consequences.
They stressed that female Muslim Brotherhood’s students are a red line not to be exceeded whatever the  influence, adding “On behalf  of the  Muslim Brotherhood students in the Beheira governorate, we affirm that we will not rest until lost rights are publicly restored  to the female student, if not, all responsible  must bear the consequences of their  own mistake!”.


Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, a Professor at the Medical Research Institute (MRI), Alexandria University, claimed that “What happened is beyond university ethical norms and this behavior will lead to conflict within the society”.


He stressed that this irresponsible act will not bring any benefits, calling on the Dean of the MRI Institute and members of the teaching staff to exercise an effective role to protect students against security breaches.