• April 6, 2010

Egypt: Arrests of tens of activists and escalating clashes as downtown Cairo turns into military Zone

Egypt: Arrests of tens of activists and escalating clashes as downtown Cairo turns into military Zone

As demonstrators assembled, security forces, police officers and military barracks were   lined up to thwart the procession which was scheduled to meet in front of the Shura council. All opposition trends were calling for constitutional amendments


Security forces dressed both in uniform and civilian clothes began to assault the peaceful assembly viciously beating them and arresting and dragging those they can grab. Over 70 detentions have been recorded so far with the escalation of clashes between both sides

Activists who were able to flee the barbaric assaults reported of severe beatings and assaults while those who were unable to escape were hauled into deportation vehicles and transferred downtown to large warehouses


In a related context additional collisions took place in the Egyptian universities as security forces clashed with student protesters. State and central security forces striked against students at the University of Helwan, viciously beating them with batons resulting in serious injury and the hospitalizing of 2


Females were not spared the fierce actions where one girl was assaulted, dragged by her head

scarf, brutally beaten and detained by one of the by University’s Security guard at the Institute of Social Work in Damanhur. She still remains in custody





Follow- up



The names and locations of the detained protesters





Dozens were detained in two of the deportations vehicles and a garage in downtown Cairo including



Mustafa al-Shami


Roman Gabriel Samuel


Mohamed Abdel Meguid Mahmoud


Khaled Ezz al-Din


Islam Mohamed


Mohamed Sayed Gomaa


Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Hamid


Mustafa Maher


Ahmed Mohamed


Moa wad Saad




Arrested near Omar Makram




Mohamed Yahya


Mohammed Mahdi Abdel-Maksoud


Mahmoud Dahshan


Shehab Abdel-Meguid


Sheriff Abdel-Moneim


Mohamed Fathi


Hani Beauty


Ahmed Najib Sayed Hamid Sami


Ahmed Ibrahim


Mohamed Saadallah


Arab Kamal Farghali


Hassan Aqeel


Ahmed Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Monem


Youssef Emad Youssef


Ahmed Issawi Nasr


Muhammad Naji


Detainees  transported to warehouse



Muhammad Awad


Khalid Mohiuddin


Abdul Hamid Medhat Abdel-Azim


Samir Gad Hefnawi


Ehab Ahmed Mustafa


Hamed Abdel-Salam


Abdullah Tahir


Wael Abdel Rahman


Tarek Raafat Douiri


Mohsen Rashad


Mohamed Zaghloul Atta Nader


Saad Abdul-Ati


Shady Hassan


Ahmed Khairy


Gantt Abdul Alim


Tamer Abdul-Wahab


Ahmed Abdel-Wahab


Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed


Mohamed Ahmed Abdo Ahmed Mohamed Osama


Hamed Mohamed


Mahmoud Mustafa


Abdel Azim


Ismail, Mahmoud Samy Amr Osama


Solomon Awni


Almrginy Ahmed


Sheriff Mohamed


Mohamed Choukri


Yasser Mohamed Mustafa


Abdallah Yahya Saad


Salah al-Hosseini Hosseini


Mohammad Sami


Mohammad Mahmoud Hazem Mahmoud Yasser Taha al-Issawi


Tarek Abou El Ela


Islam Anwar Mohammed


Ahmed Shawki Ibrahim


Alaa Mohammad Ali


Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed Abdel-Meguid


Khalid Mohammed







MB and opposition parties support victims of "constitutional amendment demo"



A number of MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and independent MPs organized a protest in front of the Shura Council today condemning the security attacks against political activists who called for constitutional amendments


Security forces arrested activists who chanted slogans condemning the regime and the brutality of its security services such as "long live Egypt", "down down to the failed system" "free and independent life for Egypt


MB Mohamed Elbeltagy, of the Brotherhood parliamentary bloc told "Ikhwanweb"  "this kind of brutality used against activists who call for reform is a crime", stressing that the system is living in a constant state of fear of any demands for freedom and democracy


He added "attacking young men and women this way shows the contradiction of the system in dealing with political demands, since the system itself organizes social demonstrations to promote itself as a democratic regime which accepts the opinions  others ; however the authorities actions today exposed itself   before the whole world


Dr. Hamdy Hassan, of the Brotherhood parliamentary bloc agreed stating that today’s display exposed the weakness of the system which did not give youths the chance to express their opinions


Dr. Abdel Galeel Mustafa, former Co-ordinator of Kefaya Movement, stressed that these barbaric acts against our sons is a crime against Egypt and security services should focus more on arresting criminals instead of the honorable







Police break up peaceful march protecting against state of emergency in Alexandria

Security forces thwarted a protest organized by the April 6 youth movement in Alexandria. The movement was protesting against the extension of the state emergency law and called for the amendment of articles 67, 77 and 88 of the Egyptian Constitution.  Security forces assaulted and arrested five activists including a female

Activist Hassan Mustafa was viciously beaten and lost consciousness in the garden of Martyrs’ Square after being seized dragged on the ground for a distance of up to 50 meters and was pushed into a police waiting car. Khalid Hosni and Sayyeda Ahmed also activists were beaten and Sayedda’s headscarf was pulled

The Shehab center for human rights issued a statement condemning the detention, physical abuses and kidnapping by the SSI officers against the activists. Lawyer Ahmed Mamdouh from the Hilali Foundation for Freedom has announced that he will form a legal support unit to defend the detainees consisting of the Hilali center for assaulted families and Shehab Center for Human Rights


Demonstrators detained escalate to 92



The latest count of the number of detainees arrested during demonstrations has spiraled out of control reaching 92. The detainees were taken in by police and state security as they rallied to participate in the demonstrations which called for constitutional amendments


Baton-wielding forces assaulted the peaceful protestors resulting in clashes with the members from the MB and the April 6 movement who had collaborated calling for human rights stipulated in the constitution


A team of lawyers has been formed to defend those remaining in custody. Sayed Fatthy a member of the legal committee has ascertained to "Ikhwanweb" that approximately 40 lawyers have agreed to stand in defense of the young detainees who are to be brought before prosecutors


The Egyptian Human Rights Attorney General has demanded the immediate release of the detainees, asserting that they were freely and peacefully expressing their views without any breaches to the law However he asserted the measures practiced and actions taken by security forces with the vicious assaults and beatings were a blatant abuse of human rights underscoring that Egypt had in fact ratified the international treaties on human rights but had failed miserably to follow through