• December 26, 2010

Egypt: Mossad was behind internet cable cut two years ago

Egypt: Mossad was behind internet cable cut two years ago

 CAIRO, – Egyptian Supreme State Security disclosed investigations leading to Israeli foreign intelligence the Mossad being behind the break in an internet cable belonging to Egypt a few kilometers off Italian shores a year and a half back.

Officials cited confessions from an Egyptian man accused of espionage in an Israeli spy network targeting Egypt.

The internet connection in Egypt took a turn for the worse when cables linking the country with international internet were cut, an incident that triggered significant economic losses for larger companies that make financial transactions via the net.

The Mossad also sought to pump large amounts of false information by tampering with Arab-Muslim ideological and cultural heritage contrary to facts that would cause Arab youth to question its identity in line with Israeli interests, investigators said based on confessions given by the spy suspect Tariq Abdel Razeq Issa.

Egypt’s ministry of communications and information technology said a cable cut in the Mediterranean Sea caused a partial disruption in the internet and other communications services in the country in January 2008.