• April 30, 2018

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Sentencing of 37 Political Opponents to Death by Military Tribunal

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Sentencing of 37 Political Opponents to Death by Military Tribunal

 The coup gang insists on continuing its aggression and criminal undertaking against innocent people, undermining the rule of law and justice, and even the most basic values ​​of humanity. It issued an unjust ruling, on April 10, referring 37 innocent people to the Mufti, as a prelude for handing them death sentences, 26 of whom were present and 11 in absentia, in the case 165 (Military), also known as the ‘churches bombing’ despite legal flaws enough to destroy the ‘case’ at the seams. 

Among those falsely accused is Ms. Ola Hussein, 31, who was forcibly taken from her home by the coup’s security forces on December 11, 2016, pregnant with her third child, after the bombing without any evidence or even suspicion of relationship to the case, under the pretension of searching for her husband. This reflects the extent of the excessive immorality of the ruling military gang, which has maintained to violate, disgrace and torture honorable females without an offense.

The innocent Ola Hussein has suffered in her detention so many violations and persecution that are notorious in the prisons of the military coup gang, which does not observe or respect any humane standards with regard to an innocent female detainee.  Where are the international human rights organizations that advocate woman rights, and where is the international justice that the world sings its praises?

These unjust judgments that lead to the loss of innocent lives are an indirect blow to the future of the homeland, which was annihilated by the despotic ruling gang, whose arrogance, stubbornness and tyranny will not help it in the face of the people’s anger that will soon eradicate its false authority. Moreover, the ruling gang is not innocent of the accusations it unjustly attributes to the innocent and scenes of bombings, fires, and killing are not far away from the undertakings of this gang. 

Loyal Egyptians are well aware of the meaning of national unity and they appreciate the right of their fellow brethren and denounce harming them from near or far. But to throw false accusations on the honorable, lock them up in jails, and set up gallows to hang them for the satisfaction of a certain sect at the expense of real justice as well as to harass the ruling gang’s opponents and eliminate those who reject the ominous coup, is terrorism in particular and is the terrible crime that will never fool the Egyptians.

The falsification of facts and implicating the innocent people with an offense they had never committed will not deviate the free from their revolutionary path and will not deter them from their steadfastness and patriotism. They will affirm their steadfastness time and again until the Ummah is cleansed of the scum of Zionist agents and the legitimacy of the people is restored. And the will of the Egyptians will rise by bringing to justice the military coup gang. 
Ahmed Assem
Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood
Thursday, 26 Rajab 1439 AH,
April12, 2018