Egypt Activists Launch “April 6” Radio

Egypt Activists Launch “April 6” Radio

Egyptian activists- who have called for April 6 strike- have launched their new online radio station aiming at spreading awareness among the Egyptian internet users regarding political reform and change.

They have commenced their call for the strike against price increases and corruption via Facebook website, which was a success.

They stated that would broadcast the facts concealed by the Egyptian media. Facts will be addressed more deeply and in details.

The new radio station is being managed by the founder of the London-based “Saving Egypt” Front Usama Rushdi.

In his statement to the front’s website, Rushdi said that April 6th radio programs will include participations from political leaders who act as advisors to the radio station.

Rushdi said that he proposed the idea of the station and the April 6 movement approved it after ensuring that it would not deviate from the movement”s main platform.

He emphasized that the online radio station is being financed by personal efforts. It’s broadcasted from Rushdi’s old studio and its staff is mainly composed of volunteers.

The link to the online radio: