Egypt After 30 Years of “Peace”: A Country Destroyed

Egypt After 30 Years of “Peace”:  A Country Destroyed

“What the regime calls the ‘Camp David Accords’ is nothing but a ridiculous play and a crime by all means, especially because it lacks balance and lays many impositions on Egypt,” says Member of the MB Executive Bureau and Chief of the Political Department Dr. Mohamed Morsy.
“After 30 years, the just and comprehensive peace called for by the Camp David agreement have not yet been realized as witnessed by the people of the region especially after the last Israeli assault on Gaza as well as those on the West Bank, the Abrahamic Sanctuary, Qana, Sabra, and Shatila.  Moreover, the articles of the agreement concerning Palestinians’ right of return and right to determine their own destiny have not been enforced. Instead, all we have been hearing from the Israeli entity were the “three no’s”:  “No to the right of return,” “No to Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state,” and “No to withdrawal to 1967 borders,” Morsy added.
“There can be no peace with Israelis, no matter what, because they have no respect for any agreement.  In fact, they are proficient at breaching agreements, instigating wars, and stirring turmoil in any country they are in as they were the ones who triggered World War II in which 50 million people were killed,” Morsy added.
Morsy further pointed out that Carter had pressured the signers of the agreement by threatening that unless they signed it their political future would be harmed promising that its results would unfold in the future.
 “We shouldn”t recognize a state for Zionists as they are a group of militias, hence, we shouldn’t even recognize their agreements,” Morsy added describing Zionists as the “vampires of this age” who drink the blood of people and are never quenched.
“There is no goal or purpose behind such agreements that have done great harm to Egypt,” Morsy commented referring to the claims of restoring Sinai, Taba, and Ras Mohamed.  “These are Egypt’s natural and fundamental rights, regardless of any agreement,” Morsy added.
An Opportunity for Zionists
Morsy pointed out that the Camp David agreement brought no positive returns to Egypt and that, on the other hand, it gave Zionists the opportunity to catch their breath by invading South Lebanon, harassing Syria, scaring Jordan, threatening Iran, and intervening in the affairs of the surrounding states.
Morsy further emphasized that the Egyptian economy had gained nothing from the agreement but more recession and declination owing to the cooperation, trade, and Quiz agreements as well as Egypt’s exportation of gas at the cheapest prices, the recognition of a small Zionist state in the heart of the Mediterranean basin countries, the establishment of an international road going through Tel Aviv, not to mention the cancerous pesticides being brought into Egypt, dwarfed manufacturing, agricultural invasion and pressure being placed on governments to weaken them.
Morsy added that by signing this agreement Egypt excluded itself from the Arab and regional political equation giving Zionists unrestricted freedom to play their political games in Iraq, South Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, and Palestine while Egypt remains handcuffed by the Camp David agreement.
“There are three well-established reasons that would lead any person to refuse such an agreement. In the first place, a Zionist state shouldn’t be recognized on Arab lands.  Secondly, Arabs cooperating with Zionists are only agents of Zionist empowerment (which Zionists will never attain).  The third reason is the transgressive support Arab rulers and officials have been giving Zionists regardless of their crimes, or their silence in the face of these crimes and failure to provide support (for the Palestinians) on the other hand, which gave Zionists more regard,” Morsy said adding that “some Arab governments are so attached to their thrones that they would do anything to hinder resistance, even if it would threaten their countries’ national security.”
Morsy further explained that the nation is moving, understands, and is aware of the Zionist project and will not neglect it or forget the Egyptians who were killed in 1967, Abu Za’bal, the Canal workers, and the warplanes that raided Cairo in 1970.
Morsy concluded his statement saying, “We are all resistance and will not be humiliated and Zionists will never reap any good.”