Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions high on Arab League’s discussion list

Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions high on Arab League’s discussion list

Items were placed on the Arab League agenda by secretary general, Amr Mousa and resolutions were passed Monday at the League’s Cairo office confirming that the 135th meeting of the League’s council will be taken to the larger meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers’ scheduled for March 2-3. High on the priority list are developments in the Arab region and escalating protests in a number of Arab states, as well as the outcome of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and ongoing struggle in Libya.


According to deputy secretary general, Ambassador Ahmed Bin Hala, discussions will include the need to speed up the processes of reform, modernisation and development in Arab society and respond to the demands of the Arab people with regards to freedom, democracy and freedom of expression.


It is expected that the internal Palestinian power struggle and the reactivating of the Arab peace initiative, as well as solidarity with Lebanon; Arab water security; Israel’s pilfering of Arab water and supporting the budget of the Palestinian Authority will be discussed.

Other long-standing topics include the Arab-Israeli conflict; Israeli measures in Jerusalem; the situation in Golan; the threat of Israel’s arsenal against Arab national security, developing peaceful uses for nuclear energy in Arab countries, combating international terrorism, and a peaceful resolution of the Djibouti-Eritrea conflict, the situation in the Comoros Islands, Somalia, and promoting peace and development in Sudan.

Conditions in Iraq, Iranian occupation of the Emirate Islands and the rejection of US unilateral ostracism of Syria will also be debated.

A drafted agenda will also be submitted in preparation for the next Arab summit in Baghdad and discuss a report on the Arab Peace and Security Council.