• June 24, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Complete the Revolution, Save Egypt’ Peaceful Protest Week

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Complete the Revolution, Save Egypt’ Peaceful Protest Week
3 years ago, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance was founded to support the popular will that emerged from the January 2011 Revolution, and to reject the military coup d’état which caused Egypt a tremendous economic collapse, societal division, boundless injustice, absurd sale of the homeland’s sovereignty, and open contempt of the citizen at home and abroad – the reality on the ground today is catastrophic proof.

The Alliance affirms it will continue its peaceful struggle until it defeats the treasonous coup of the traitor Sisi and his cronies, and will continue to defend and protect Egypt’s stability and development, in spite of the painful price it has to pay: the relentless repression, and tremendous injustice.

The Alliance asserts that the verdicts against President Mohamed Morsi and other dissidents are null and void, simply worthless, just like those issued them.

The Alliance welcomes the assurance provided in the Administrative Court’s latest ruling on Egypt’s rights to the red sea islands Tiran and Sanafir, which clearly exposes the Sisi regime which betrayed the homeland and the people by selling off parts of the county.

The Alliance calls for a new non-violent protest week within the revolutionary wave "Leave" under the banner "Complete the Revolution, Save Egypt – Tiran and Sanafir Are Egyptian".

The Alliance reminds everyone that momentous issues are what brings Egyptians together despite all the distortion, persecution, torture, arbitrary arrests and detention. The Tiran and Sanafir message is clear to all Egyptians: traitorous Sisi and the military junta cannot be trusted. Now, rallying behind crucial issues is the way to victory for the January 25 (2011) Revolution, the way to achieve its goals.

Egypt did not only need a powerful ruling on Egypt’s rights to Tiran and Sanafir, but also prompt trials for the traitor Sisi on charges of treason and compromising national sovereignty. Also, all Egyptians imprisoned for demonstrating as a result of the flagrant injustice that has prevailed since July 3, 2013 until now. must be immediately released

Egyptians need the January 2011 Revolution partners to rank together and unite, with all free patriots, with respect for popular will and demands and the homeland’s needs and requirements. There is no more room for hatred, cheap posturing or division. There is no need to reproduce old disputes or conflicts that will not benefit the homeland.

The July 3 coup is null and void. We hope its next anniversary will witness the beginning of real revolutionary unity that champions the demands of Egyptians and popular will, and wrests rights and freedoms, achieves justice and exacts retribution for the martyrs. This unity must be based on strong foundations that know no political differences or military intervention in political affairs, and rejects all heinous plots that aim to undermine the homeland yet again. This country still needs urgent change.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

‘Leave’ Revolutionary Wave

Cairo: Thursday – June 23, 2016