• March 29, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Message to Arab Summit: Legitimacy Will Prevail, Coups Will Be Defeated

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Message to Arab Summit: Legitimacy Will Prevail, Coups Will Be Defeated

 All coups d’état that overthrow democratic legitimacy are rejected. They are an indivisible whole, though. They should not be regarded or treated with different or double standards. Elected President Mohamed Morsi’s legitimacy is certainly not in any way less than that of the President of Yemen. The Houthis’ coup, with reprehensible Iranian support, is no more dangerous or treacherous than the military coup in Egypt.

The Arab region does not want nor need wars of interests at the expense of the oppressed poor peoples. It does not want Iranian Shiite interference, either. The region needs respect for popular will, unity and sovereignty for Arab countries, and wants coups gone irreversibly. For, in fact, coups d’état are the roots of all the region’s current ailments and crises, including weakness, confusion and fragmentation.

Arabs needs to end the military coup in Egypt and the Houthis coup in Yemen. They need to oust the criminal Bashar Al-Assad’s repressive regime, to support the Syrian revolution, speed up Palestinian reconciliation and the reconstruction of Gaza, stop sectarian strife in Iraq, support Libyan revolutionaries, take note of the Shiite risk, and end the division creeping in the rest of the Arab world.

Our message to the Arab summit is clear: legitimacy will prevail, and coup regimes will be gone soon, ousted like Mubarak, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ben Ali and Gaddafi. Continuing to alienate and antagonize the poor and the oppressed Arab peoples is not the right course of action for wise and strong Arab rulers.

Arab peoples, including the patriotic people of Egypt, will stand steadfast against dictatorship, coups and brutal oppression.

The Egyptian Revolution will remain true to its promise, its pledge. Every day, the whole world will witness how right it has always been, and how right the people were to rise in revolt against the coup. And the Revolution will triumph someday soon, with the help of God and the will of the Egyptian people.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Saturday – March 28, 2015