• August 28, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Organizes Several Events to Protest Beni Suef Tuesday Massacre

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Organizes Several Events to Protest Beni Suef Tuesday Massacre

After a second peaceful protester died in a massacre committed by Sisi militias against the people of Beni Suef Tuesday (August 27), the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance announced a major series of non-violent protest events Wednesday to condemn the putsch’s massacres.

In the city of Beni Suef (120 km south of Cairo), the Alliance called the masses of Beni Suef citizens to participate in the funeral of march of the martyrs who opposed the bloody violent military takeover, Ahmed Hasaballah and Mahmoud Ibrahim, after the Asr (afternoon) prayer, starting from the Beni Suef AlGadida mosque. These martyrs were killed by internationally-prohibited exploding bullets, yesterday (Tuesday).

Meanwhile, the "Afareet Against the Coup" movement organized a human chain in front of the Education Department building in the city, and all along Salah Salem Street this (Wednesday) afternoon, denouncing the putschists’ massacres and demanding retribution for the blood of the martyrs.

In Nasser town, in the north of Beni Suef governorate, hundreds of local women organized four women’s marches that began after the Asr prayer from several main mosques in the province to protest the continued repression and killings by the current military-appointed government.

In the town of Wassiti, thousands organized a march under the title of "breaking the curfew", in which they challenge thugs hired by the Ministry of the Interior and the military, and demand the return to legitimacy and democracy.

Free and patriotic southern towns in the governorate participated positively with their fellow citizens in peaceful demonstrations, as the National Alliance urged the people of Fashn and Semesta to turn out for non-violent rallies to condemn the brutal practices of the military against peaceful protesters.