• January 31, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Popular Anger Protest Wave to Continue Until February 11

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Popular Anger Protest Wave to Continue Until February 11
The will of the revolutionaries in Egypt cannot be defeated by the terror acts dealt by a failed coup government incapable of protecting the homeland, a government that actively kills Egyptian citizens every day. The peaceful Revolution will not be defeated, as it sweeps the entire county with persistence and courageous defiance, resisting oppression, condemning the violation of citizens’ lives.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance mourns every martyr killed outside the law by coup security forces, in the fourth year of the January 25, 2011 Revolution and the "Egypt Speaks Revolution" wave of huge protests.

The Alliance calls upon all revolutionaries to persist in the current wave of anger until February 11, to mark the day Mubarak was ousted, in continued commitment to non-violence. Popular resistance tactics against the injustice should, as always, be decided by the revolutionaries in the streets and squares that are still chanting for the ouster of Al-Sisi’s and Mubarak’s gang.

Violence is a product of the coup, not the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries will defeat violence and brute force used by the coup regime against Egyptians everywhere.

On the Friday of Anger, Egypt’s squares spoke out without fear or hesitation, telling the world that the Revolution will triumph. The coming days require total determination and challenge to the lies of the failed coup, which did not bring Egyptians anything but murder and poverty. The coup regime will only be faced with rejection and continuing anger until it is ousted and the pillars of falsehood and corruption start to crumble.

The revolutionaries’ confidence in the Revolution’s coming triumph over all the despots is no fantasy. Events on the ground will confirm that. And then, the deluded will be dismayed at the people’s demands. Very shortly, the future will favor the Revolution and the people’s freedom and rights.

We will not allow the traitorous junta to trade in the blood of Egypt’s youth. We will topple this failed and foolish coup regime and hold all the criminals accountable for all the blood they spilled. The Revolution’s voice will continue to help fulfill the demands of the Egyptian people and achieve retribution for the martyrs.

Patriotic Egyptian men and women of the Revolution will not compromise their peaceful protests, but certainly have the right to self-defense against vicious attacks by murderous heavily-armed militias. Egyptian revolutionaries are confident they will certainly reap ultimate triumph soon.

Down, down with military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy National Alliance

Friday – January 30, 2015