• January 28, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup Coalition: International Community Needs to Support Popular Will

Egypt Anti-Coup Coalition: International Community Needs to Support Popular Will

 The roar of Egypt’s revolutionary heroes – men and women – continues in all squares and streets of the homeland, thundering loud and forceful, it shakes the pillars of evil thrones at home and abroad. It has shocked the traitorous military despot, as the revolutionary spirit that has long troubled his sleep since January 25, 2011 came back to haunt him, trampling his plans and hopes for monopolizing power and dodging retribution for his crimes.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance continues to embrace this unprecedented revolutionary movement, that spirit of patriotism and that steeled resolve. Certainly, the coup security forces’ bullets of treachery that kill and maim the most honorable citizens make us more determined to exact retribution for the martyrs’ blood and to bring all the murderers and criminals to justice. The heinous murderous junta will not go unpunished.

The Alliance appreciates this great revolutionary momentum, those huge numbers of anti-coup protesters, and the millions who turned out everywhere and thundered through all cities and pubic squares. Those patriotic protesters have, and still are, writing epics of anti-coup struggle in Greater Cairo, Lower and Upper Egypt, the Suez canal region and border provinces. The Alliance expresses its full gratitude for that new revolutionary spirit, and announces that all protest events and demonstrations will continue all over the country.

Noting international reactions to this powerful wave of revolutionary action, the Alliance deems those ‘too little too late’ considering the damage caused by certain powers who sponsored, endorsed and supported the coup wholeheartedly.

Those still have to do a lot more, if they are honest in their apparent attempt to gain the affection and the trust of the people, who are raging in every street, angry at the conspirators who plotted and collaborated with the junta against the Egyptian people as they sough freedom and dignity. It takes real good deeds to erase the shame of heinous crime, not deceptive statements or hesitant stances.

Revolutionary Egyptians do not place too much importance on statements made by local or foreign officials. They are determined to reclaim the homeland. They are forging forcefully forward, on the path they chose, to achieve their goals.

Every day, they write new glorious pages in the history of modern Egypt.

For this, the Alliance underscores the continuing revolutionary wave of January 25 (Egypt Speaks Revolution), and calls on the Egyptian people to rise again in the day of anger tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28. Let us, once again, shake the pillars of the traitorous coup regime and its barbaric militias – and continue until Friday, 30 January.

If the counter-revolution thought it has achieved its goals to take over this country, releasing all the thieves, symbols of corruption, and cronies of toppled Mubarak, including his two sons, the Alliance assures that the Egyptian people will triumph over all the criminals and the traitors, wrest their rights and freedom, and completely oust the Mubarak regime and the corrupt clique.

Down with military rule
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Tuesday – January 27, 2015