• September 12, 2013
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Loyalty to Martyrs Blood” Peaceful Protest Week

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Loyalty to Martyrs Blood” Peaceful Protest Week

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls on the patriotic Egyptian people to rally in the streets of Egypt on Friday and Saturday (September 13 and 14) in continuation of the peaceful Revolution until the heinous coup is completely defeated. Demonstrations should then continue throughout the week under the title "Loyalty to the Martyrs Blood".

The martyrs’ blood, that flowed like rivers in Rabaa and Nahda squares as well as all public squares of Egypt, and the smell of burnt corpses, and the precious souls of those martyrs urge you for retribution, by overturning the traitorous coup and bringing to trial all killers, criminals and collaborators responsible for their death.

Let us raise their pictures high throughout all streets and corners of Egypt, so its sands, its walls and buildings may remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the dream of living in a homeland of great dignity and honor.

The whole country is suffering from the ineptness, inefficiency and total failure of the putschists. They are pushing us all into a bottomless pit. Do not let them crush Egypt and destroy its economy. The Gulf’s billions – heavily stained with the blood of our martyrs – will not succeed in fixing the economic situation coup commanders and collaborators are racing towards, on the dead bodies of all revolutionaries. Do not let them burn Egypt.

The resilience of this great nation has amazed the whole world. Neither the emergency law, nor the power of arrest and detention will make the Egyptian people cower in fear, because freedom is more precious than life.

The treasonous putschists are furious. Their coup has become like a raging bull in a china shop. They now detain, humiliate and kill innocent women, with no honor or principle, in barbaric practices and acts that even foreign occupiers never dared do in Egypt. So, be patient, close ranks and stand steadfast.

To the great people of Egypt… The revival of hope is the most beautiful gift of the January 25 Revolution. We must all stand united, shoulder to shoulder, to confront those who want to kill our hopes and aspirations.

We will show the world and record in history that we are a nation of free people who do not accept injustice, do not accept the opinion of the corrupt, and never accept defeat.

To all free people of the world… We urge you, wherever you are in the world, to stand in solidarity with us and support the demands of Egyptians: freedom and democracy. Please join us, by organizing vigils in your country on Saturday (September 14) in support of our just cause.

To the heinous putschists: even with your tanks, your war planes and your misguided soldiers, you will fail.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo : September 11, 2013